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Class Supply Lists

posted May 7, 2012, 10:28 AM by Tom Perry   [ updated Aug 7, 2012, 6:28 AM ]
Morgan's School Supply List 2012 - 2013

A backpack (no rollers) or tote bag with handles.
One large box of Kleenex (200).  
10 – 12 large glue sticks (.7 oz.)
(Boys) One box of quart size zip lock bags.  
(Girls) One box of sandwich size zip lock bags.

            FIRST GRADE
Crayons  - a box of  24.                 
One dozen Pencils.   
Scissors  (pointed tip).
Glue Sticks (to be replaced as  the  year  continues. We use a  lot!) 
4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s Glue.   
Cigar-type school box.   
One large, pink Eraser. 
One large box of Kleenex.  
Spiral bound notebook,  wide  ruled -  100  pages.   
School bag for  transporting  papers  and  books  to  and  from  school.  Crayola Markers - washable, 8  colors,  broad  tip, “Classic  Colors”.
(Boys) One box of gallon size zip lock bags.  
(Girls) One box of sandwich size zip lock bags.  
Three Pocket Folders.

            SECOND GRADE
Ten Glue Sticks.  
Scissors (pointed tip).
Crayons - a box of 24.  
Two large, pink Erasers.  
Four dozen #2 pencils.
One large box of Kleenex (200).  
Ruler (12 inch with metric).
One package non-erasable black or blue ink pens.
Two pocket folders with no prongs.
One box of Colored Pencils.  
One  school/pencil box.
One 1” three ring binder.
One package dry erase markers.
One old used but clean sock.
Girls - One box of sandwich size bags. 
Boys – One box gallon size bags. 

            THIRD GRADE  
One dozen  #2 Pencils.  NO MECHANICAL PENCILS, PLEASE!
Crayons (24) 
Crayola washable markers set of 8.
Scissors (with point).  
Loose leaf notebook paper. 
Composition notebook. 
One Spiral bound notebook, wide ruled - 100 pages.
Six folders with pockets & prongs to keep notebook papers in.
Elmer’s School Glue, 8 oz. bottle. 
Two glue sticks.
Two red ink pens.  
One highlighter.
One package of index cards. 
Two large boxes of Kleenex.
(Boys) One box gallon size zip lock bags.  
(Girls) One box sandwich size zip lock bags. 
Pencil and Folder for Music (for Recorder Music). 
 No big pencil boxes or trapper keepers due to lack of space in desks!  
Please label everything with child’s name.

            FOURTH GRADE    
One erasable pen.  
Two extra erasers. 
Two highlighters. 
One ruler (Metric & English).  
Scissors with pointed tip.   
One dozen pencils.  
One red pen. 
Crayola Classic markers set of 8.
Box of  24 crayons.
4 oz. bottle of school glue.
Glue Sticks.  
One large boxes of tissues.
Loose leaf notebook paper.  
Five folders with prongs and pockets to keep notebook paper in.(One each red, blue, green, orange, yellow.)  
One set of colored pencils.  
One spiral notebook.
One black and white composition book containing 100 pages.
Pencil and  Folder for Music (for Recorder Music).