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posted Nov 13, 2012, 6:11 AM by Tom Perry   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 10:22 AM ]
Kindergarten- This week, we will focus on using correct letter forms when writing. ( upper/lowercase) We will practice hearing and saying the first and last parts of words.  We will continue to blend sounds heard to make words.  We will play a game of "Go Fish" to help us blend word parts together.   In math, we will answer questions based on data from a graph.  We will play a game of "I Spy"  to identify 2/3 dimensional shapes.  We will use manipulatives to represent number and solve comparison stories with counters.  In writing, we, I will introduce making revisions.  We will continue to add more dialogue.  We will make our March calendars. (Practice number writing)
Third Grade: While we are still working hard on our Opinion papers we also have written back to our Cincinnati  Financial Pen Pals. In Social Studies our focus is on Economics. Math has us studying Geometry, Decimals and of course Multiplication. In Reading we are using illustrations to explain content in non-fiction. Forces and Motions and Simple Machines are in our Science unit this quarter.
Fourth grade: In social studies classes, students have been discussing Ohio's important role in the French and Indian War.  Water cycle experiments have been conducted by students in science.  Groups took their findings and displayed the data on posters.  Perimeter, area, and volume are the focus in math classes as students use key words, draw pictures, and use formulas to help them find the answers.  Students have begun using the Pro-Ohio computer program to prepare for the Ohio Achievement Assessments in the spring.  AR work continues as students work for the goal of 13 points by the end of the quarter.  Also, students are getting plenty of practice in opinion piece writing.